Hi there 👋

I love making data useful to people! My skills are best in data manipulation, systems administration/engineering, and untangling complicated data/lineages.

Recently I’ve been busy with work and starting graduate school but thankfully I’m back in a position where I can start updating my projects again. Keep an eye out for new content and check out my resume in the meantime. If you’re intersted in something I haven’t posted yet, send me an email and I’ll be happy to talk!

Outside of work and school I enjoy tea, immersive experiences, and my data side-hobby is datasets of cultural institutions.

Latest Posts

🥞 "Andy Chai"

A chai tea mix named after its refiner, Andy Meyer.

(5 Apr, 2020)

🥞 The Great Pancake Experiment

Pancakes are fun to play with; they have endless possibilities. Due to being inherently bland-ish, like plain bread, that means they can be flavored extensively. So, in my kitchen, there are two rules with pancakes: Anything edible (food-safe) is allowed in a pancake. Have fun.

(29 Mar, 2020)

📝 Protecting content on people.rit.edu

people.rit.edu is an RIT web server students, faculty, and staff can upload files and simple websites to.

(27 Mar, 2020 - 5 min)

🥞 Popcorn Experiments

The Great Pancake Experiment, but with popcorn… and I used roommates as blind taste testers.

(23 Mar, 2020)

🥞 Turkish Lentil Soup

A Turkish-style Lentil Soup; a great, hearty soup that goes great with flatbread.

(11 Feb, 2020)

📈 Cleveland Museum of Art Collection Statistics

Taking a look into the open access data for the Cleveland Museum of Art.

(23 Jan, 2020)

📈 The Great Pancake Experiment

Ever heard of a Chinese Stir Fry-flavored pancake?

(20 Jan, 2020)

📈 Met Collection Statistics

Interactive visualizations about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collections. Looks at the collection and departments by distribution of objects, cultures, and how much has been made available in the public domain.

(5 Jan, 2020)

📈 Countries Visited

To count, must visit something notable (defined loosely) that’s not an airport or hotel.

(2 Jan, 2020)

📈 US States Visited

To count, must visit something notable (defined loosely) that’s not an airport or hotel.

(2 Jan, 2020)