🥞 The Great Pancake Experiment

29 Mar, 2020

Pancakes are fun to play with; they have endless possibilities. Due to being inherently bland-ish, like plain bread, that means they can be flavored extensively.

So, in my kitchen, there are two rules with pancakes:

  1. Anything edible (food-safe) is allowed in a pancake.
  2. Have fun.

The Pancake Experiment is Public Domain - you are encouraged to make your own pancakes. Disclaimer: make pancakes at your own risk; I am not responsible for how you cook your food.


There are two scales that pancakes are rated on, taste and “normalness.” Taste is completely subjective and since these tend to be made one-off your experience may vary wildly. Both scales are 1-5 (think stars) and halves are allowed.


  1. Would actively avoid eating again
  2. Could eat but would probably suggest something else
  3. Not bad but not good
  4. Enjoy
  5. Would actively seek to eat again


(Inverse scale; most normal/safe is lowest)

  1. Plain pancake; unflavored
  2. “Classic” flavors, such as chocolate chips or blueberries
  3. Not classic but could be considered somewhat standard, such as apple cinnamon
  4. Could be considered standard in other baking, but wouldn’t expect in pancakes, such as cumin or curry powder
  5. Requires thinking, “Can this be made into a pancake?”, such as Chinese stir fry

Cooking tips

I use a “just add water” dry mix. This was originally out of convenience before I started the experiment, but I’ve stuck with it since it lets me try liquids in pancakes easily.

The Results

(Note that “with” and “w/” indicate that the ingredient was put on the pancake after making as opposed to mixing into the batter before cooking)

Radius of plot points indicates how many pancakes are at that taste & normalness rating. Each pancake’s flavor combination is on its own line in the hover tooltip.