📈 Cleveland Museum of Art Collection Statistics

23 Jan, 2020

Taking a look into the open access data for the Cleveland Museum of Art.

View here - Code here

This is similar to the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection statistics I previously did, but has some notable differences:

  1. Including the write-up inline with data
  2. Different museum collections
  3. Pre-processing is done entirely in the browser
  4. Different charting libraries
  5. Different chart types

Some opinionated choices made about how to do this:

Notable edge cases:

What was presented:


  1. Downloaded data
  2. Examined in OpenRefine
  3. Visualized more general info in d3
  4. Deeper examination in OpenRefine
    • Used filters based on string manipulation to search for more complex data and prototype logic
  5. Built more complex logic into summarization and charts

Things I didn’t get to but would like to look more into