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📝 Server Setup pt. 4-3 - Guacamole (VNC/RDP/SSH)

Since I’ve been playing with a bunch of distros in VMs lately, let’s set up some (more) convenient remote access… After all, remembering semi-arbitrary strings isn’t fun, and I’m currently running 6 VMs that are just to see what various distros are doing, in addition to the other 9 I have for other things.

(17 Feb, 2018 - 3 min)

📝 Server Setup pt. 4-1 - Nextcloud, Collabora, Let's Encrypt

After more work than I’d like, I have Nextcloud & Collabora Office set up. I had a lot of issues running Collabora as a package during this.

(17 Feb, 2018 - 3 min)

📝 Choosing the distro for my laptop & workstation VM

Currently, I’m running Windows on my laptop, and it’s well overdue that I switch to Linux (for a variety of reasons even beyond FOSS… security & resource usage for example…). Additionally, I need a workstation VM for heavier lifting that I can remotely access to do stuff. Here’s the thought process that went into choosing the distro & desktop environment combos that I’m going to be switching to:

(14 Feb, 2018 - 4 min)

📝 FOSSing Gmail

Gmail has become a go-to place for email, and with good reason. It’s free (as in cost, not freedom) and due to Google’s backing, it’s stable & comparatively safe. Additionally, you get the power of Google’s AI to make your email life easier. However, from a FOSS-friendly point of view, these features aren’t particularly accessible… but with common standards (such as IMAP) and a little effort, we can take full advantage of Gmail’s abilities while allowing ourselves a FOSS client.

(13 Feb, 2018 - 6 min)

📝 Server Setup pt. 5 - DMZ

A DMZ (“Demilitarized Zone”) is an isolated network segment, usually used for public-facing servers to keep anything that may go awry on them from being able to damage the rest of the network.

(6 Feb, 2018 - 4 min)

📝 Server Setup pt. 4-2 - Running Collabora Office as a package (also a "Late Night Rant")

In addition to being a guide on running Collabora Office/Online as a package instead of a Docker image, this is the first blog version of my late night rants in the #rit-foss Freenode channel.

(27 Jan, 2018 - 5 min)

📝 Server Setup pt. 3 - More Systems (FreeNAS, Docker/Portainer, Web/LAMP)

Just having a router is a rather boring use for a home lab server. Time to add a NAS, Docker, and a LAMP setup. FreeNAS can be virtualized, although there are some points you’ll want to follow:

(6 Jan, 2018 - 4 min)

📝 Server Setup pt. 2 - Host Setup & Networking

It’s time to install everything and do some tweaks to make life nicer. Also, a list of issues I encountered and how to go about resolving them. I’m going to use a lot of links to skip over most of the installation process, it’s fairly well documented (and the configuration is the more interesting part).

(6 Jan, 2018 - 4 min)

📝 Server Setup pt. 1 - What I'm working with

This is the start of the documentation for servers. As such, I figured it’d be best to give the background info for what I’m working with.

(5 Jan, 2018 - 3 min)

📝 State of the Empire - 2017Nov

So it’s about time that I wrote a post here. Admittedly, this blog has been “live” but unlisted for several weeks, so it’s rather overdue. So, to get started, I’m going to overview what I’m up to and what you (hopefully) should be seeing soon. Over the summer I built 2 computers, one of which is a server. After a lot of pain getting them working for my ambitious plans, I’ve decided to redo the server.

(30 Nov, 2017 - 1 min)