📝 2020 First Half Retrospective

30 Jun, 2020 — 2 min

I haven’t posted here much in this year, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing things. Here’s what’s gone up so far this year:

Graduating College

I graduated from RIT with a BS in New Media Interactive Development, a Minor in Museum Studies, and summa cum laude honors 🎉

New Sites & Projects

Domain Split

I have two domains, ctmartin.me and ctmartin.dev. There is now a semi-formal split between these. The .dev domain is going to be me portfolio and host all projects related to me in a more professional capacity. The .me domain is going to be for me as a person, non-development things, and side projects that are not neccessarily portfolio-ready.

For example, .me will host the original content for portfolio pieces, and .dev will host the cleaned version to present it in a more understandable and context-aware manner.

However, this is more an organizational change than anything, it’s not absolute and the two will link between each other. Additionally, I’ll be cross-posting a bit more; e.g. annoucing new projects on this blog.

Coming Soon

Other News