📝 State of the Empire - 2017Nov

30 Nov, 2017 — 1 min

So it’s about time that I wrote a post here. Admittedly, this blog has been “live” but unlisted for several weeks, so it’s rather overdue. So, to get started, I’m going to overview what I’m up to and what you (hopefully) should be seeing soon.

  1. Over the summer I built 2 computers, one of which is a server. After a lot of pain getting them working for my ambitious plans, I’ve decided to redo the server. After that’s done I’ll be writing blog posts on the setup and also (maybe) a post on the history of the project.
  2. As part of (1), posts on more specific parts of the setup, notably pfSense.
  3. You may or may not have seen on my main site, but I’m a university student. School makes life busy, so this is mostly a side project excepting portfolio stuff…
  4. For club activities, I’m currently working on TigerOS - we’ve changed a lot of stuff and hope to have a release by the start of our Spring semester.

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